Deconstructing The Crux of All Diets

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It is mind boggling which diet to pick when you want to lose weight. There are so many to choose from, and all seem to have been successful with various people around you!
You may be one of those who has tried a few and not managed to knock off the weight; or maybe you have, but it’s piled back on. Understanding the crux of all diets will help you pick the right one for yourself, or not pick any of them and make the crucial changes apt for yourself alone.

The bottom line of all diets is simply to cut the number of calories you will consume.
A keto/low carb/no carb diet restricts carbohydrate intake, reducing the number of calories.
Low fat diets (the healthier diet option) has you cutting down just high fat foods that have a high amount of calories.
Intermittent fasting requires you to go without eating for long durations, in effect cutting out one meal perhaps, & thus the calories that go with it.
Plant based diets (paleo, juicing & souping) reduce calories drastically by keeping you just on fruits & veggies.

If it’s just about cutting calories, why are there different types of diets?
Diets are designed for different factors like people’s lifestyle, current food habits and activity levels. A diet maybe be based on erratic eating time, another for portion control or eliminating a nutrient that may be consumed in excess. This is why not all diets help everyone.

Intermittent fasting works well for people who tend to snack a lot or eat late at night; but it wouldn’t work as well for someone who already has a large time gap between dinner and breakfast.
A person who has a sedentary lifestyle but timely meals, would benefit from a lower carb intake & low fat diet.
A low fat diet (& perhaps the healthiest diet) works well for those who like to indulge in cakes, cookies & fried foods.  Fat has a high calorie count and cutting it out of your diet will reduce the calories greatly.
People with poor eating habits – fast foods, too much snacking, erratic meal times, high fat consumption will see a change with any of the diets.
Plant based diets are drastic and best left for those who need it for medical reasons prescribed by a doctor.

You may have a friend or know of someone who never gains weight and looks just the same since years, wondering how! This person has found the balance between how much they consume and how much they burn by way of activity or their high metabolic rate!

How do you select the right diet for yourself?
The absolute first step is to make a 24-hour food log. Note down everything you eat and the time. For example; toast and apple at 8:00 am, 1 biscuit at 8:30, 3 biscuits at 10:30, nuts & tea with sugar at 11:00; and so on. Don’t make a rough food log based on what you think you eat, because the facts may be quite different!
Check your food content – too much sugar/fat/carbs?
Check your eating frequency – eaten more than 6 times in the day? The biscuit at 8:30 counts separately from the 3 at 10:30. So in the above example, it’s already 4 times in the day. If you have swiped a few chips off your child’s plate at 6:00 pm, count that too!
Check your food quality- Highly processed, over cooked foods, instant foods, imported foods are low in nutrional value & high in sugars.
Is your dinner heavy or too close to bedtime?  Maintain a 3 hour gap between your meal & lying down to prevent caloric accumulation.
Identifying and reducing the excess food or extra meals is all you need to cut off excess calories. When food is consumed in the right quantities, right time & frequencies, you can literally have your cake & eat it too! Why follow a general diet when you can tailor make one specific to your individual needs?…The one you can live with and always enjoy a slim & trim body!

Get more tips and tricks in my handbook linked on this site – Secrets to Being Quintessentially Svelte. 

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