Sustainable Fitness


Why should we apply this buzz word to fitness?

Because we want a permanent slim, fit, hot, toned, healthy body! We must be able to “sustain” fitness through “sustainable” methods.

It’s time to remove the urgency and think things through more carefully. Exercise is a lifetime necessity, just like food, water and sleep. When it becomes part of your daily, lifetime routine, all your fitness goals fall in line without you having to chase after them.
Sustainable fitness is Simple.

It is Calm & Respects Your Body. When you follow the right kind of fitness form for your body there is no rush or contest; nor any need for exercises with killer intensity. The exercise instead, flows. Even when you exert effort, like in a run or pumping aerobics class, it is not stressful. It is kind to your heart and joints; gently coaxing your body into high levels of fitness.

Sustainable Fitness is Intelligent.
Put aside the ads, video’s and messages you receive about the new way to lose weight or get fit. These are not realistic images nor the better way to slim down or get fit. Understand instead what real fitness is and the right way to acquire and sustain it. (Details in my hand book Secrets To Being Quintessentially Svelte)
Today, trainers and nutritionists are coming up with overnight solutions to transform your body in as little as 2 weeks. Think about the amount of time it took you to gain weight or get unfit. Definitely did not happen in 2 weeks! More like a year or over.
The means to losing weight quickly involves drastic diets and extreme fitness forms, both, a big risk to your health. And if you succeed it is impossible for the body to sustain that weight loss.

Sustainable Fitness Plans are Well Thought
A steady state of fitness can only be achieved through a regular fitness and good eating regime. Picking what will sustain for you requires thinking and planning.
It takes into consideration your past and current health status, your current fitness level, your personality, likes and dislikes; your daily routine and your fitness requirements (cardio, resistance and flexibility training are a must for everyone; but you may have something beyond this like training for a marathon or simply need more of one of the above, for eg need to improve flexibility to a great extent).
You can read more on in-depth planning and finding your ideal workout in Secrets To Being Quintessentially Svelte .
Its only when a fitness form covers all the above points to your satisfaction, that you will have a winning formula. And then its all very simple!

Sustainable Workouts are more Fun
By no means is Sustainable boring. In fact, your workouts will be exciting and challenging for you, because you will have found the very one that titillates all your senses.

Lasting Fitness & Good Health Requires Good Eating
No fad diets (Atkins, keto, intermittent), no super foods (kale, quinoa); just good old simple foods in the correct balance and quantities will keep you fit through life.

Sustainable Fitness gives you a Permanent Unparalleled Glow of Fitness no other form can ever. Radiance of complexion, good posture and positivity are all by products of a regular fitness regime followed through life.

It Saves Time & Money
Once you know what form of exercise your body requires and the correct ways of eating, you won’t need to spend money or time on experimenting with various pricey diets and workouts. One good, appropriate plan can see you through life! Think of the amount of time saved yo-yoing !

Be smarter, and get fit for the long haul through a sustainable fitness plan.


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  1. Seema gaur Row says:

    Sustainable exercising. So correctly put by Brinda…….. “It is kind to your heart and joints; gently coaxing your body into high levels of fitness. “, and not the demand of instant gratification which a lot of practioneers are providing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your message Seema! I’m really happy you agree with this timeless theory !


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