I Took A Day Off Exercise And…!


photo of person s legs on a grey couch
Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on Pexels.com

There are very few times in the year that I take a day off from my fitness routine (barring sick leave or travel). Of course, it’s partly due to the fact that I am the instructor and I have to show up (I don’t even have a substitute instructor to fill in)! But apart from that I love my classes and tennis and am pretty much a stickler for routine. So the few times that I am referring to are deliberate decisions to skip a tennis session. My reasons have to be worth it!

Today, I gave tennis a skip (my first day-off-from-exercise this year). It was a very hectic week with workouts and social outings leaving me with lack of sleep and a complaining body.  So I put my feet up, spent time studying and treated myself to a foot massage and watching some good old British comedies.
How do I feel? Relaxed in body and mind. My body aches less and I enjoyed the evening doing something good for it.

As a fitness professional I can tell you that it is extremely essential to listen to your body. If it is tired and achy, it is a sign to say that it needs some down time. You are better off resting it one day than stretching yourself and risk injury or falling ill.

But, not everyone’s reasons for missing a workout are the same. You may feel you want to miss it because you want to meet a friend or attend an event, sleep longer or just like that! So are these good reasons? Yes they are, if they are indeed important to you. What you do need to keep in mind though is that it should be done only once in a while and not turn into a habit. 1-3 times a month is okay if you workout 5 days a week, but skipping any more than that, and you will have missed half the month!

Keeping your mind happy and giving your body some rest is as important as your workout regime. So go on, take the day off and enjoy yourself!

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