The First Signs Of Fitness – Are You On Track?


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When you get onto a fitness program or, enhance your current routine to see results, it could seem a long while and buckets of sweat before you notice anything!
But know that your body IS responding in small ways. As a trainer, there are specific signs I look out for in my students to make sure their bodies are responding to the workouts.
Look out for these little signs for the reassurance that you are on the right track-

Better skin
Radiance of the complexion is pretty much the first sign of a few days of exercise. There is a boost of blood and oxygen circulation giving your skin a glow. Your cardiovascular system is up and running, helping fat burn and raising your metabolism.


Feeling happy and positive
The thought of following a fitness regime in itself makes you feel positive. Exercise releases “Feel-good” hormones into your blood stream making you feel elated during and after exercise. Overall you are in a happier mood.

Slimmer face, neck and shoulders
Over the years of being in the profession, I have noticed that almost always the first places you see any physical change of fat loss are the face, neck and shoulders. It’s a sign very clearly saying you are on track! It always starts from the top, working its way down. You are well on your way to knocking off the fat from your problem areas.


More energy
Within a 3-4 weeks you will notice that you have more energy. Though the workout may leave you tired, you will feel less exhausted in the day than usual. During exercise too, you will soon find you have more energy to complete the same workout that previously seemed impossible. This is because your heart and lung capacity have increased and gotten stronger!

More strength
By the end of a month your strength levels will go up both, during the workout and for your daily activities. The muscles have started getting stronger, and though you can’t see it yet, you are shaping up. Your body will be holding itself up much better and give you the feeling of being fit, even if you are far from your target yet.

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Workouts seem more comfortable
Suddenly, the odd positions and technique of exercises that felt difficult to execute, become easy. You seem to perform them flawlessly. It’s because your body has gone past stage one where your mind and body find it tough to connect and execute the exercise properly, to stage two where that skill is now mastered. You find yourself looking forward to adding more intensity.

You get compliments!
Sometimes people see the change before you can. A lot of my students over time have told me they have received compliments just 2 weeks into their exercise routines.

The first signs of fitness are subtle. If you don’t know of them, they will probably go unnoticed by you. So keep a keen eye out and give yourself a pat on the back when you see one!
And then, as long as you are regular and keep the intensity up, you’ll see yourself burning off your problem areas and becoming Svelte!

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  1. Seema says:

    Good precise and easy to read as well as I have felt those working out with you.


    1. Thank you Seema! I do see the changes in you and you are well on track. Keep it up!!


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