Fitness Resolutions – Are You On Track?

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It’s almost 2 months into the new year, and from the time you made your 2019 fitness goal. Are you on track, beginning to veer off, or have you totally fallen off the wagon?

My goal this year is to gain – more strength, stamina, flexibility and lose a little weight to better my performance both with my classes and tennis; and feel fitter overall.
For improving my strength, the plan I follow is to increase resistance (weights) and add one more set of the exercises. I eat adequate protein as well.
For stamina, I push myself through longer tennis rallies and have taken my intensity higher in cardio classes.
To knock off some weight, I have cut down on fat intake by half and perform the cardio workouts as just mentioned.
The first signs of feeling fit for me are – holding myself up better and feeling less tired. And so far I can say I have definitely improved strength and stamina, feeling fitter by at least 50%.
Would I say I’m on track? While I’m not doing badly, I do find myself slipping a bit here and there; but I am fully aware when I do so. I want to make my fitness regime a way of life which is why I’m not killing myself over it, but easing in gradually.

Here’s what you can do to stay on track –

  • Is your fitness goal realistic or have you set the bar too high? If so, you need to re-think it and start with something easier.
  • Is your goal broken down to weekly and daily plans? It’s a day and a week at a time that will lead you to your big goal. Take the time to run through your weeks plan on Sunday nights.
  • Be aware when you slip up and make a mental note or actually jot it down on paper.
  • Compensate quickly for it. Best done within 24 hours. Eg: If you ate a piece of cake, do extra cardio in your next workout OR skip the dessert you had on your weekend food plan.
  • Don’t let the one-off mistake become “okay”. Compensating is a little allowance, not a permanent fix.
  • Set your day’s menu, even snacks, the previous day and make sure you have all the necessary items. Keep in mind what you want to gain out of your days meals.
  • Do not let bad foods enter your home. You WILL be tempted to eat them.
  • Think before you reach out for anything to eat that is not on your plan.
  • Think before you skip your workout. Is it really a good enough reason? Unless you are unwell, injured or have an emergency, there is little excuse to miss exercise.
  • Remember to train at a good intensity EVERY single time you exercise. You could use a heart rate monitor.
  • Set reminders for your next workout with a note of what you wish to gain out of it. Eg: March 1st, increase weight load by 2 kilo’s for bicep curls.

It’s just the start of the year and it’s no big deal if you have set yourself back a bit. Working on a fitness goal can be a difficult commitment, so cut yourself some slack and, get back on the wagon and on your way to your good health and fitness once again!


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